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We are the Connecting Point!

We are now accepting request from individuals and companies interested in doing exclusive interviews. This is a great opportunity for you to help your audience get to know you better, share your expertise and expand your target audience. Whether it be writing, music, business, etc., I'm sure your experience speaks volumes. There are millions of people waiting to here what you have to say.

We are doing a summer promotion and our rates are extremely low. We are offering our discounted prices through August 31st. 

Package Options

These interviews are designed to give you a voice and your audience an earful. This is your opportunity to share your experience, thoughts and expertise.  We are currently offering 3 options.  We provide written interviews in article form as well as audio interviews.  Our current promotion is 

$5 for an interview in article form

$5 for an audio interview

$8 for both written and audio interview

Once you've requested your interview through paypal, make sure to fill out the 'Contact Us' form with the details of your request. Feel free to contact us with any questions or inquiries!